Live In Fitness

Starting Weight: 482
Ending Weight: 277
Total Weight loss : 205
Starting Body Fat : 47.5%
Ending Body Fat : 31.5%
Total Body Fat Loss : 142 lbs
Inches Lost: 126

Chris Johnson is not just another testimonial at L.I.F.E, he is a legend. Chris is a prime example of what Eric’s philosophy strives to achieve for every client. Starting his journey at 482 lbs., Chris will go down in history as our very first client with a 205 lb. weight loss. The road wasn’t an easy one for Chris. He came to L.I.F.E with low self-esteem and a hopeless vision of living. But Chris was determined to see his children grow up. He is a young man who can now live his 28-year-old life, the way it was intended. He had his ups and downs throughout his stay at Live In Fitness but with the help of Eric Viskovicz and his caring team of trainers, Chris’ distant dream became a reality.

The day that Eric presented Chris with his plaque for his incredible success was an emotional one. It was hard for those present to hold back the emotion for a man that went from 482 pounds and dying, to 277 pounds and striving. In honor of this moment Eric presented Chris with a striking, new suit to show off his new body and renewed soul. As he came out to the front of the crowd to accept his achievement, every client, friend, and employee of L.I.F.E had a revelation. Many clients said that they strived to reach such a grand achievement and the team of L.I.F.E wants to make it happen for everyone.

“We work so hard for these moments. To watch a person transform the way Chris has is amazing. This program is making miracles in people lives. I couldn’t be more proud of my team for their dedication to all of the clients here. I am honored to have had Chris Johnson in my life and I hope to have many more of these moments in the future.”- Eric Viskovicz, President of L.I.F.E

Chris’ story is an inspirational triumph. Those who were able to meet Chris fell in love with his charming personality and his zest for life. He came here to achieve a weight loss goal, but he left L.I.F.E with so much more.
“I will forever be grateful to Eric Viskovicz and L.I.F.E. for saving my life in more ways than one.”- Chris Johnson